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Ask busy faculty and staff why they do what they do, and how it matters, and you get wonderful stories!


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We could not function as an institution without the people involved.  Everything we do is all about serving students, and both our staff and our faculty are committed to making Lake Superior College a place that serves students in every way possible.


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Some short quotes from our wonderful employees:

“I started at LSC relatively recently and have found it to be one of the most welcoming and supportive environments in which I have ever had the pleasure to work. Peers, faculty, my direct supervisor, and students have made it easy for me to say that my decision to work here was absolutely the right choice for me! “ 


“I started at LSC in early 2020 and quickly realized that if I wanted to make a positive impact on our students that I could. I’ve appreciated working closely with students to create lasting and impactful changes in their lives, and with my colleagues on realizing that we have continual opportunities to improve our practices so that all students can be successful. “ 


“I have only been with Lake Superior College for a short time. I chose to apply at LSC because I was an alum. You see LSC gave me a fresh start when I was lost. I had originally gone to University of Minnesota – Duluth to be a teacher. I realized that teaching wasn’t my path and dropped out. Still wanting to continue my education, I looked to LSC. At the time they had a cohorted program for Supervisory Management. It seemed to fit my career goals at the time. I loved the program and the structure of those courses. It was just the program I needed to move forward in my career. Fast forward, I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree and when an opportunity came up at LSC, I jumped at the chance. I am forever grateful for the opportunities LSC gave me then and is giving me now. “


We asked staff and faculty some questions, looking to get data and feedback on employee functions at LSC. We also wanted to know how each person believes that their work impacts the college.  We asked these questions:

  1. What type of employee are you?  (staff or faculty)
  2. What is your employment status  (full or part-time, adjunct or permanent)
  3. What program or department do you work in?
  4. What do you wonder about the students you work with?
  5. What problems have you been trying to address?
  6. What information do you use to identify the issue and find a potential solution?
  7. What changes have you made?  Were they successful?


From one staff member:

“I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree. After a year of applying and being turned down due to lack of experience, I got an interview for a position at Lake Superior College. I had previously been working at a restaurant and was telling the scheduling manager that I hadn’t heard anything, and it had been about a month since the interview. She said “you probably didn’t get it”. The very next morning, I received a phone call, offering me the position. Although, it wasn’t quite related to what I went to school for, I was excited to give it my all and very nervous leaving an industry that I had been in for 10 years. I thought this may be a good opportunity to get that “experience” that the other employers said I was lacking. I didn’t even bother searching outside of LSC as I really enjoyed working here. There is this joy that it brings when you can help a student and know that you are making a difference in their lives. Although, I was happy being in this position, I still had a strong desire to do what I went to school. Eventually another position opened at LSC that exactly aligns with what I went to school for and I was hired in this position.” 

And from another:

“Lake Superior College is a phenomenal place for both students and employees. Unlike many other institutions, students receive a postsecondary experience where faculty proactively inquire about students’ success, well-being, and plans. Students also receive trade program instruction from faculty close to the industry and can help students with post-graduate placement or transfer opportunities. Simultaneously, the employee experience at an institution our size provides many benefits. Employees interact with each other often, feel as though they are part of a family, and are provided opportunities to advance within the organization. “


A life changing LSC story:

This is my LSC Story…. I wasn’t one of those people who knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. However, I knew one thing. The decision to go to college was the SINGLE.  MOST. IMPORTANT decision I made in my entire life. It changed my entire life.

I grew up in
a very small community where not everyone went to college. And…if going to college could change my life, it could change other people’s lives too. That is why I started working in College Admissions. This was my way to help people, to give back. Most of my professional career has been at Lake Superior College. The first 17 years were in the Admissions department here at LSC where I was proud to tell the LSC story and all of the wonderful opportunities we had for students.

I will never forget the first time I went to the annual Commencement ceremony and witnessed students graduating who I had helped get in the door and take that first step.
I then eventually transitioned to the Registrar’s Office and have the distinct pleasure of helping students get to the finish line. I also now coordinate that very same Commencement ceremony and let me tell you…that is the BEST day of the year. There is nothing better than attending our Commencement ceremony and celebrating the accomplishments of our students. No matter who you are, this
whole process (from start to finish) can be scary and overwhelming. I have always done my best to make it less scary…less overwhelming.

One of the things that I appreciate most about LSC is that we give access and opportunity to EVERYONE, not just a select few or to those who have high test scores or grade point averages. After 25 years, I can tell you that this is more than a job to me. This is personal. We are a
family and we are a community. When I gave birth to my oldest son, he saw the walls inside Lake Superior College before he saw his own home as we stopped by the college on our way home from the hospital. Nineteen years later, he graduated from LSC too. I believe in the promise of education. I believe in what we do and I believe in Lake Superior College. And… do you know what? I am surrounded by people who feel the same.

The faculty and staff here could do what they do
elsewhere but we choose to be here because this is a special place. “



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