Student Services and Student Feedback


Types of Students and the Services That They Used 

We have a wide diversity of students at Lake Superior College, but one thing that is especially clear — this is a college for anyone of any age!  We always want to know more about student demographics, so we recently asked the students a couple of general questions.  You can see below that there is a mix of part and full time students, and a mix of traditional aged students (generally 18-22) and non-traditional aged students who may be returning to school after some time in the workplace.


chart indicating whether students are full time or part time, and traditional age or not when attending LSC


There are many student services at LSC, and that interesting item at the end of this list called “other” might include students getting food and clothing assistance, or might include technology assistance, or might include club participation in everything from music to academic awards to robotics.


Chart showing the types of services that students use, including tutoring, veterans, TRIO, library counseling and more.


How have the services you used at LSC supported your academic success? 



  • The TLC helped me with my homework
  • TLC helped me fill in gaps of knowledge that class left blank
  • TLC is also a VERY supportive environment.
  • The tutoring is the best thing ever. It has saved me more then once
  • Helps me get a degree
  • I really like the tutoring center. It is very helpful
  • Yes the TLC for sure and the mental health services

Advising and student services

  • Advising helped me navigate paperwork as a non-traditional student with a previous degree to help my past experience count towards requirements for my LSC program/degree
  • Learn to weld
  • Helped to get started in my program
  • By paying my tuition for my first semester here
  • Gave me answers to diploma questions
  • The veteran service offers me a place to relax and I usually do my homework at student services
  • PSEO paperwork
  • Made resources easy to access

Basic Needs SupportClothing Swap at LSC

  • The free peanut butter and jelly station is a life saver
  • I haven’t dropped out
  • I love how easy it is to talk to people here. Everyone is so welcoming
  • It is a good stress reliever
  • The TLC for sure and the mental health services

Personal GrowthChoir students practicing

  • The mental health services.
  • Counseling has helped me feel not too lonely being someone who came here without any connections
  • I have become far more involved in the community which has helped me gain confidence and perform better in school



A big question asked of our students was:

“Please share a specific story about a faculty or staff member and how they have helped you be successful”.

These are short quotes in response, straight from the students:


“Mrs. Scott during the summer helped me pass my class and believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself

“Also the TLC Anna helped me a lot with classes like A and P 1 and 2”



“I think that Steve Dalager helped me find out more of what I wanted to do taking his first year experience”

“Amy Jo Swing made my writing 100x better



“Kenneth Reid is the kindest soul. His generosity and willingness to listen and offer advice has really helped settle my mind and bring my soul peace.”

“All my teachers are very helpful and want to see me succeed”


“My professor Lindsy O’Brien, she has helped me feel more comfortable in my classes and has given me more confidence in my writing.”


“When I was in Calc1 I struggled with mathematics. They helped me figure out the basics of the program and get me started.”

“I had questions about prerequisites, she answered them.”


“Librarian came into my FYE class shows us the virtual library ”


“The mental health services have supported me a lot and I have learned so much by going to that.”


“Ms. Sara always talks to me and she’s a good person to come to.”

“One time I started crying during an exam and the teacher was empathetic ”

“Everyone is very helpful and kind”

“Steve is the best PTA teacher out there”


“Anna in the tutoring center is amazing and helpful for any chemistry problems.”



“Nik Z strikes an excellent balance of requiring his students to meet expectations of learning while being open to student suggestions for improvement. ”


Renee DeWitt my chemistry teacher is very clear in her instruction. I really appreciate the effort she puts into her classes.  Never had such a dedicated and honest teacher! ”

“I knew about LSC from the community, I applied and got accepted. Everybody is really kind. I knew about TRIO, but I didn’t really know what it was, I’m going to apply and I can’t wait to learn more about it.”

“I am new here, and the faculty have been very supportive while I readjust to student life after being a stay-at-home parent. ”

LSC faculty with student


“Steve Dalager has helped me so much with feeling welcome.  I think he is a great instructor and always makes sure people are included. ”




“My comp teacher helped me understand transitions when writing an essay”


“One of the workers at the wellness center gave me a handwritten list of the times the gym is open because there was no printout ”



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