Stories from our Students

Students in the Intercultural Center at Lake Superior College

When you want to know something about the college and how it works — ask the students!

The students of Lake Superior College were asked to volunteer some feedback on a variety of questions, and as is so common with our students, when asked for help and feedback, they jumped right in to tell us what they thought!  The following section will tell you some of their ideas. From this, we gain information, we gain insight, and we gain very specific input into what services work for these students, and what they most need from us to achieve their goals at Lake Superior College.

So hear in their words what they think.  We asked them these questions:

  1. Tell us why you chose to attend LSC?
  2. What kind of student are you  (traditional or non-traditional ages)
  3. What services did you use at LSC?
  4. How have these services supported your academic success?
  5. Please share a specific story about a faculty or staff member and how they have helped you be successful.

You will see some data in the form of percentages, short quotes, several videos, and some longer interviews following this introduction, all of which give us insight into what our students are thinking.  We are excited to share what they have to say. Let’s start with this anonymous story. It is a story that shows student grit and determination as well as staff and faculty dedication to our students:


“A story that I would like to share is regarding a student who came back to LSC after 15 years. This student has experienced alot during their lifetime and had many barriers that prevented them from completing school and other life goals. However, I was first introduced to this student through a phone call two weeks before the fall semester started. From that phone call, we checked in almost every day until the semester started. Then on the first day of school, we finally met in person. This student shared with me their life story and how they were finally ready to begin school and do something they could be proud of. Immediately we got them connected with offices like Student Accessibilities Services and Financial Aid. Since this initial check-in at least 3-4 times a week we touch base to see the progress. The program they chose to pursue is autobody technology. Although this student still faces many personal life obstacles, they still come back each week and participate as much as they can. What has been a great support in working with this student is that their professor, SAS director, advising, and TRIO have all worked closely to monitor the progress of this student. Although there are still many things yet to come, this student in particular shows me how LSC bands together to meet students where they are at to support them in completing their goals. “ 


LSC's women's soccer team in black uniforms


Students at Lake Superior College Intercultural Center


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