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The Tutoring and Learning Center has been one of the greatest resources for me at Lake Superior College. Some of my biggest worries about college were understanding the material and getting work done on top of dealing with mental health issues. It’s always a struggle to do schoolwork when you have a lot going on in your head before that. It’s always been hard for me to stay on task and not get distracted when I would do my schoolwork before but being in the tutoring center is a big motivator to be doing work and stay off my phone. They are my biggest motivators, even when I do badly on a test they say, “I am proud of the work you put in. We will work hard and do better on the next one”. It’s such a positive environment that I recommend being around. When I used to study and study it wouldn’t seem to work and I didn’t know why. They soon helped me find new ways to get a grasp on the information while studying, which is helpful. It turns out I was memorizing phrases on notecards and in notebooks rather than learning the concept as a whole.   


The Tutoring and Learning Center has been such a helpful place for me. You can get help with your schoolwork in classes or even have a nice place to study free of charge. They are open Monday through Thursday from 8 AM through 6 PM and on Fridays from 8 AM through 4 PM. There are professional tutors in math and science as well as peer tutoring in other subjects including English and nursing. You can also get help with learning better studying techniques. If you are struggling in classes other than math or science, it is best to call ahead (you can find the TLC phone number on the LSC website) and make sure there is a tutor there in person for your specific subject. Other than that, you can schedule an appointment with tutors for different subjects. Many tutors will have experience in other classes and will be more than happy to help or look over other subjects if you ask. They also offer private study rooms to give you a quiet place to get your work done. The more you go there the more you will succeed in your classes and the more fun you will have to do that. Eventually, you will make a personal connection with the tutors and start making inside jokes and it’ll be so much more fun to learn while you basically are being taught by friends. They truly care about the students and try their best to help you succeed.  


My friend suggested going there first and we went together. She knew everyone there because she had gone to Lake Superior College a year before me. She helped me get to know everyone there and be confident enough to ask for help. I also found that if you’re too scared to ask for help they can read your eyes so you can just stare at them, and they sense it. I think it’s the tutor’s sixth sense. Even if I understand a topic, it is nice to have someone there who is telling you that you are going in the right direction and having that reassurance. Physics this semester has been hard for me and I get a lot of help with that class there which is nice. I have since seen significant progress.  I spend the majority of my study time in the TLC. You can get help with almost every subject. The tutors have even studied ahead in a subject to be able to teach it to me better (so that I am prepared for tests and quizzes.)  They help me get through the numerous amounts of homework and labs that our teachers give us after every class, even if we have a test that day, we will have homework. It’s stressful but with the TLC it is a whole lot easier. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. They offer access to printers, computers, textbooks, laptops, science models, and more. On top of all that they even have free snacks that anyone can have like doughnuts and cookies. You can also use the refrigerator and the microwave for your lunch if you’d like.   


Overall, I would highly suggest if you need any help with school work or just a place to study go to the TLC. If you just try it one time you might just maybe learn something. Here learning is way better than learning within a classroom. You are able to talk about what you don’t understand and get a good understanding of it walking out of the door at the end of the day. If you are scared don’t be it’s only chill vibes here all the time.   


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