Are you Seeing Clubs?


Now reporting live, we have our LSC E-sports team competing in a nationwide Rocket League tournament! What’s that, you mean to tell me you are unaware that LSC has its very own E-sports program? It is one of the many clubs and organization’s that LSC offers for its students. Here at LSC we have 15 different clubs to join, some even being for student’s major, and can easily create a new club as well. I found out about clubs from one of my teachers and easily found more information for the LSC website. Since learning about This is a great way to come into college and make friends that will last a lifetime.


To begin, have you ever been told by people that college will be the best years of your life and you’ll meet your best friends during these years? Thanks to LSC’s clubs and organization’s this will be a much easier way for everyone to meet new people, get to make new friends, and new hobbies and interests. With all the options to feel like anyone belongs at LSC and make others feel welcome as well. Here are the different types of clubs offered at LSC: Active Minds, Art club, Band, Campus Crusade, Choir club, E-Sports, Freedom of Speech, Garden club, and many more. Even though personally am not currently in a club, I plan on joining E-sports. As I love video games and would love to meet more people who enjoy them just as much as I. Many people have talked to me about how many close friends they’ve made through these clubs of common interests. This is just a few to name of the clubs and other student related activities LSC offers.


Additionally, have you wanted to ever focus on a certain program outside of class? You’re in luck, as LSC has multiple “program focused clubs” for students to connect with peers of the same academic interests. To help push to more successful relationships in the classrooms for people with the same majors. This way students can not only learn more about their field of study, but to also be able to work with different people and learn how to learn from each other’s different thought process. This can form a bond of trust for your peers that will positively affect your production in the classroom. When talking to other students who either have been a part of these clubs, they’ve seen huge improvements for understanding the content from their courses. Talk to your classmates and see if there is a club about your field of study, or even try to make one!


Lastly, to create your very own club there are a few things that need to be completed. First thing being that a “new club petition” form must be filled out. Then, there must be a minimum of six students that want to be associated with the club. There must be a staff or faculty member as the club’s advisor. Finally, there must be written rules for new clubs and the club’s agenda. Having the ability to make clubs is something that I feel is overlooked at LSC. Being able to form a group of people to talk or do whatever you want (school appropriate of course) is a great way to relax and not stress everyday about school.


In brief, LSC has many ways to get students engaged with people who share interests. Its something everyone should know about when they start here. With over 15 clubs to join or even create, LSC has a variety of organizations for students to join. If students are even a little interested, go to the LSC website and go to the current students tab. Find the area where it says “student clubs” find out who is the club’s advisor and email them questions you might have about the club. All clubs are wanting more people to join, so don’t feel like you’re not welcome! With over 15 clubs to offer, some for certain field of study, and having the ability to create your own club; please consider joining one of the many great clubs LSC has to offer.




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