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We asked the employees at LSC for their stories…


Staff with Students


by asking them one basic question:  What is your LSC story?

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43% of those who answered were faculty, and 56% staff, from across all of the divisions and departments of the college, from Advising to Auto Body, from the Business Office to the Tutoring Center!

We got wonderful stories and comments from everyone who responded!  Clearly our faculty and staff make an enormous difference in the quality of learning, living, and growth that our students experience.  There are many values embodied in these stories, both anonymous and more formally attributed to specific people, but the emphasis on Student Success is clear, in every response.

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Some individual stories will follow, but here are some anonymous story samples:


Prior to LSC, I was the Accountant for a non-profit advocacy organization for people with disabilities for over 11 years. I really enjoyed working for that organization and the promotion of independence, but there were no advancement opportunities and I missed being involved in a mission that was more wide reaching. Moving to LSC really allowed me to grow and expand my skills. Over the last 15 years I have continued to grow, learn all I can, and taken on more responsibility over that time. I feel like my work has been noticed, during my time here I have moved into new roles or upgraded positions five times. While allowing me to grow is great professionally, what really keeps me here and inspires me is the students. Having a higher education degree is a ticket to improving your life and the more educated our population is, the better it is for our whole society. LSC makes an affordable higher education degree available to everyone who wants it, filling a unique role in this community. Watching students grow, learn, expand, and head to a better life for themselves and their families is really fulfilling. “ 

I started at LSC on April 1st 2020, a memorable day, not only because it’s “April Fools Day”, but also because it was exactly one day after the entire College moved to remote / work from home due to COVID-19. Starting on April 1st 2020 was no joke, the world was changing and adapting to its current conditions, and we as a College with it. Our staff and faculty were resilient and relentless in their mission to provide affordable and equitable education to its students. LSC staff and faculty have continued to grow, learn, and adapt after the COVID-19 Pandemic, and it has been a wonderful experience to support staff and faculty so dedicated to the student population. “ 



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