Meet Anna Sackette-Urness

Anna is the Dean of Allied Health and Nursing at Lake Superior College

“I started in 2004 as an adjunct faculty, teaching one class for the nursing department. I have been here ever since and moved up through the ranks to unlimited full time faculty and have been serving as the Dean of the AHN Division since 2019. I am here because I completely believe in what we do here at LSC for our students and our community. We have an amazing team in Academic and Student Affairs who work hard and put what is best for our students at the front of what they do every single day. As a lifelong resident of the Duluth Superior area, I am so grateful to be part of what LSC does to provide students with the opportunity to become healthcare professionals in the many programs we offer, which in turns supports the health of our community. LSC is the place to be!” 



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