The Student Stories: Ahna Webster

Meet Ahna Webster: Associate of Arts (AA) Ahna Webster, student at LSC

Ahna is doing what many students at Lake Superior College do–start here and transfer with their AA to another school to continue their education.  She says, “Every professor I’ve had at LSC has taught with an enthusiasm and sincerity that makes class wonderfully engaging and enjoyable. I will be proud to be an alum, and the associate degree I earn here will allow me to step into the greater academic world debt free and with a strong base education.” 

Hometown: Duluth, MN

What degree are you pursuing?
Eventually a Bachelor’s in environmental studies or sociology

What career are you preparing for, and what about this field interests you?
 I really want to work with the outdoors. Whether that means I’ll take a job as a park ranger, environmental educator, wilderness trip guide, or something else remains to be seen. Truly, I want to take care of the environment and help more people come to care about it as I do through knowledge and experience.

Why did you choose LSC?
 I chose LSC because it’s a wonderful and affordable college which also happens to be in my hometown.

How would you describe your LSC experience so far?
My experiences at LSC have been incredibly positive! Faculty are always ready to answer any questions I might have, and in general, very excited to teach. Many of my peers are also enthusiastic about our classes, which is great for the class culture. I love the campus, too. It’s a great place to study, and the trails we have are beautiful.

What about LSC will leave a lasting impression on you as you pursue your career goals?
One thing that I really appreciate about LSC is that within a class there is a lot of diversity in the prospective jobs of students. I’ve taken classes with people learning to be firefighters, nurses, dentists, electricians and teachers. This has helped expose me to many possible professions that don’t require the traditional four-year bachelor’s program. It has also helped me interact and communicate with people with a broad range of interests. This is great for any future career where you might work with people.

What would you say to a prospective student looking at colleges?  Why should they consider Lake Superior College?
LSC is a wonderful place to start your academic career. The teachers are welcoming and patient, the students are motivated, and it’s affordable! I’ve loved my time here. LSC has such a wide variety of programs, so I’m sure they’ll have something to fit you!




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