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Do you want the chance to take online classes while in high school and get college credit? Personally, I am taking full advantage of the chances LSC has given me. I get to stay involved in my high school and challenge myself with college courses. I think high school students that have the ability to do PSEO should. LCS is very good with attending to these students and they offer online courses for those who cannot make the lecture hours. I am currently taking three online courses and would recommend them to anyone who can take  them.

I am in 6 clubs, play volleyball, tutor students, and work. To say the least, I don’t have much time to make it to the lecture hours most professors have while still taking classes at my high school. I have two classes at my high school and have to be back at school by three every day for practice. Most college courses that are in person don’t align with my schedule. Taking online courses that LSC provides helps me still take advantage of the PSEO system. I am currently taking three online courses through LSC. These include Comp 1, Health Psychology, and Women in History. The courses that I have chosen meet my requirements for high school.


My experience so far has been that these professors are very flexible and want to work with you. The professors have understood that people have very busy lives and can’t always put in as much time as they would in a normal classroom setting. Taking these online courses has allowed me to get ahead in my college career moving forward. LSC is known for being very good at transferring credits, so I hope to be able to use these towards my degree wherever I attend in years following. I think that anyone who has the option to be apart of the PSEO program, should consider taking the online courses.


I think if you can stay up on your homework and focus when needed, you should take these courses. Students who find it hard to focus in class, or even just dislike busy work, should take online classes. Some of my peers find it hard to stay on top of their homework when they are not in class, so if you think this would be difficult, I would not recommend taking many online courses. My best advice for staying on top of these classes, is making a schedule. I like to do certain classes on certain days. I will also make lists of what I have to do each day. Not everyone will succeed with online courses, but I recommend at least giving them a try.


Overall, the online courses LSC offers has given me a chance to stay involved as a PSEO student. I get to attend my high school classes while still earning the college credit I want. I would recommend students who think they can stay on top of homework to take online courses.


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