Different People, Same Boat

Before starting college, I had no idea what to expect. I felt so unprepared. I was nervous to start new classes with new people. Leaving my hometown, my friends, my family, I was leaving I grew up with. Moving to Duluth was a big step for me. I’m sure it was a big step for a lot of people. I was going to a new school with all new people and teachers. I was extremely nervous until I realized a lot of other students were just like me. There are so many different people, but most likely all nervous just like everyone else to start college.

commencement, studentsOriginally, I was excited to live on my own and start college. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect going to college. As the first day of classes got closer, I realized how unprepared I was. I became stressed and lost. Reality really sunk in. I didn’t have my parents there to help me figure things out. There was one email sent about when students should go to the school to get everything they need and check the place out. I got my books that day and roamed around the school to find classes. It really helped me calm down. I suggest taking advantage of that day to check the school out one last time before classes start.


Soon enough the first day of classes was here. I started getting nervous again. There would be all new students. So many thoughts were running through my mind as I was walking to class. Where was I going to sit? What if everyone has a friend already? What if no one sits by me? Well, most new students don’t know anyone there either. Most classes are full so someone will probably have to sit by you. I found that a lot of students make friends with who they sit by on the first day. One professor has everyone get at least one contact information from another student. Take advantage of that opportunity to get to know that person. I was nervous about starting a new school but so were many other students. It did not take long to realize that many students are in the same boat.


In the end, we are all different people in the same boat. The school is very welcoming with kind staff and students. A lot of students make friends in classes. Step out of your comfort zone and talk to someone new. A lot of students will feel the same about starting at a new school. They are probably nervous just like you. Once again, we are all different people, in the same boat.




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