Fear of the Unknown

When I was younger my mom had a friend named Katie who went to school to be a dental assistant. One day, at my mom’s birthday party I went up to her and explained that I have always wanted to be a dental hygienist. My fascination with science and helping others prompted my career choice of dental hygiene. I always strive to be the absolute best for myself when it comes to school but was nervous about starting my career since science was a challenge for me in high school. Katie reassured me by telling me I’d do great, and I would just have to work extra hard if that is something I really want. She told me that she really struggled in high school, especially when it came to tests. It was completely different when she got to college. Katie said it was much easier for her once she figured out how to study and utilizes certain resources on campus. I was still very nervous, but after our conversation I felt better about my major and the hope for my success grew.  

When I first got to LSC I was feeling good but nervous at the time. My main reason for attending LSC was because of their amazing Dental Hygiene program. Before even stepping foot onto campus, I knew that getting into the program would not be easy and I would have to excel in all my classes to even be considered. It was nerve racking knowing that I must do good or else my dream career would be at risk. I didn’t know anyone before I moved to Duluth and assumed I would have to do it alone with no help from others. After being on campus for a bit, I soon realized that is not the case at all. There are plenty of spaces, groups, clubs, and organizations here at LSC that welcome incoming students with open arms. The first day of my classes, I learned about many ways students are offered help with their classes and even meeting new people.  

While this was all overwhelming at first, I learned that LSC offers a free tutoring center that is open to all students. There are many different tutors who offer support in a wide variety of subjects. In my case, I wanted help in the science classes and advice on how I can study for the exams. Anna is a great pick for this. She is a professional science tutor here at LSC that specializes in general chemistry and biology courses. The tutoring center is a safe place and there is absolutely no judgment in the tutoring center. Anna is a wonderful person who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to science. She welcomes students with a warm smile and is eager to help them with whatever questions they might have. Not only do students use the tutoring center for extra help, but it is also a great place to catch up on some studying. For example, they provide skeletal models of the human body so students can study them at any time. This is a great way to help improve my confidence for any lab exams in human anatomy.  

In addition, there are many places on campus that provide the opportunity for students to meet their peers. Personally, I found Hawks Landing to be a great space for engaging with others, as well as a place to study. There are a variety of couches and chairs that provide comfort for students who want to utilize the space to study with friends. As a new LSC student I was terrified I wasn’t going to make friends, but I was completely wrong. Everyone here is interested in meeting new people, and all it takes is a simple greeting. The staff and students at LSC are more than happy to help one another, and I have never felt any sort of judgment. Finding the right people to surround yourself is very important to succeed academically. I have met so many wonderful people in my classes that push me to succeed and support me along the way. 

In conclusion, it might be scary at first walking onto campus and learning new ways to excel in hard classes, but there are many resources at LSC to help with that fear. I am so grateful that I was able to find out about the tutoring center and other spaces around campus like hawks landing. Everyone here has goals and is here for a reason. As a new student I was able to feel welcomed and even learned the best ways to help me study in my science classes.  


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