Meet Heather Grillo

Heather is the Student Activities Coordinator at Lake Superior College.

Heather Grillo with a student

“I have served as the Student Activities Coordinator for almost 15 years. It has been a privilege to welcome students from around the world as well as students from area high schools. Students who are starting their college experience and those that are re-careering. There are many stories to share, but the one that stands out is new and close to my heart.

One month ago, my husband had part of his lung removed at the Mayo Clinic. I called the experience our medication because the Mayo is a wonderful place. After the first week in the hospital, I thought I spied someone I knew in the hallway. Sure enough, Hamza walked into our room and stated he thought he recognized me too! Hamza graduated from our respiratory therapy program and I had the pleasure of meeting him through his involvement in the respiratory therapy club.  He and other club members volunteered their time at our Memorial Blood Drive.

Hamza was being trained in by a co-worker and together they helped my husband to expand his lung capacity. My husband said he could tell it was fun for Hamza to have an LSC connection at his new job and it was a highlight for me too!

Thank you to Bryan Stark, Eloisa Fournier and many others at LSC who train our students to help people like my husband have a second chance at health.”



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