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H. Giovanni Antunez

H. Giovanni Antunez earned a MD in general practice at the National University of Honduras, Medical School, a MPH and a DrPH from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans, and it is a also a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). He has been teaching epidemiology (and other public health courses) for 18 years at St. Cloud State University, where he works at the Community Health program, Dept. of Kinesiology, College of Wellness and Health Professions. His background on teaching public health courses, including epidemiology came from the mix of degrees that he had obtained, and from the lots of experiences teaching public health courses online and face to face. He recognized that a textbook in epidemiology for undergraduate students is a great need. This textbook is a response to this need. He teaches courses on the area of epidemiology, public health, nutrition, health promotion, environmental health, international health, consumer health, and others. He also provides academic advising to community health students and is engaged in several campus wide activities besides teaching. To reach him:



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