Revision Checklist

Use this as a guide while revising and editing your essay. Check every item.

  1. _____Do I have an interesting introductory paragraph?
  2. _____Is my thesis clearly stated? Is it arguable?
  3. _____Does each of my middle paragraphs develop my thesis?
  4. _____Do I support my argument with enough specific material?
  5. _____Am I telling too much, and not showing enough
  6. _____Do I present more detail than is necessary?
  7. _____Have I introduced extraneous material?
  8. _____Am I retelling too much of the story?
  9. _____Do I anticipate and address relevant counterarguments?
  10. _____Does my conclusion follow from my thesis and argument?
  11. _____Have I defended my position?
  12. _____Did I oversimplify for the sake of closure?
  13. _____Do I have logical transitions between sentences and paragraphs?
  14. _____Do my transitions connect my ideas explicitly enough?
  15. _____Do they show that I am developing an argument, not just repeating?
  16. _____Do all my paragraphs have either explicit topic sentences or clearly implied main ideas that are connected to my thesis?
  17. _____Do all my sentences clearly support their paragraph’s main idea?
  18. _____Should I rearrange any sentences to better effect? Paragraphs?
  19. _____Can I vary the makeup of any sentences to avoid monotony?
  20. _____Can I cut out any sentences that I don’t need for my argument?
  21. _____Do I use any pretentious words, clichés, or jargon?
  22. _____Do I use any offensive language or inappropriate diction?
  23. _____Have I looked specifically for spelling, punctuation, and usage problems that have been pointed out to me in previous essays?
  24. _____Have I merely given a “reading” or have I presented an argument grounded in texts or evidence?
  25. _____Have I borrowed any ideas from others without crediting my sources? That is, have I accidentally plagiarized?


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